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2003 © The Bewitched Artist   ALL Images are copyrighted by the artist “Bewitched” TM of  Sony Pictures Entertainment


The magic still lives on

Hello Fellow Bewitched Fans,

    Welcome to my website, I'm glad to be able to pass on my art and share my love for a classic television show that inspired me throughout my life. Here You will find prints of original art that you, yourself can own for your enjoyment.

                     Ross Allison


04/12 - New Wallpapers are up 04/11 - Added new art images 07/20— New Wallpapers are up 07/28— New print “Calling Dr. Bombay” is done :-)

10% of the sales from “Samantha Fights Cancer” will be donated to cancer awareness

Samantha’s Fights Cancer

A Tribute to the cast and the bewitching spell we are all under. 10% of the sales of this print will be donated to cancer awareness. When you purchase this print you may choose the color ribbon you wish Samantha to hold.