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Tom Stevenson 

Paul St. Pierre

“Ross has a very special, rare talent for truly capturing the essence of the characters from Bewitched. His art is true to life.” 

2003 © The Bewitched Artist   ALL Images are copyrighted by the artist “Bewitched” TM of  Sony Pictures Entertainment

“As the owner of an original “Lost In Space” painting, I’m intrigued by Allison’s interpretation of classic TV icons, “within his own space”. There’s a sense of depth I find truly unique.”

                      Here you can see what folks are saying about my art work

John—Harpies Message Board

Scott—Harpies Message board

Melanie & Bob—Harpies Bizarre

Mischa’s Bewitched

The Bewitched Collector

“Your art is delightfully whimsical and fun, and really captures both the spirit of the show and the characters.”

“I think your BW art is great! I really love the Agnes Moorehead wallpaper--it's beautiful!”

"Ross’s work is amazing!!! His passion for “Bewitched” is evident in his work!!! I am fortunate to have many of the originals!!!"

"I have admired your work for some time now. It is absolutely stunning."

"You did a great job on those wallpapers.  There are some AM fans who are going to be very happy to see what you've twitched up. The 3rd Darrin picture is also great."

If you have any comments, I'd love to post them here. Just send them to my email address                                               Thanks Everyone,   Ross