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Bewitching Links

2003 © The Bewitched Artist   ALL Images are copyrighted by the artist “Bewitched” TM of  Sony Pictures Entertainment

The Bewitched Collector

A great site for bewitching info and great collectable stuff. It seems his collection is endless. He also is looking to trade photos :-)

Harpies Bizarre

A HUGE site of bewitching facts. You can spend days here learning the ins and outs of this wonderful show. Don’t get lost there :-)

Mischa’s Bewitched

Here’s a wonderful site done by a very creative person. Lots of neat flash logos and twitching effects. Enjoy his hard work :-)

Amateur Ghost Hunters Of Seattle-Tacoma

Got Ghosts? Want to learn more about our paranormal world. Well here’s a great place to start. I run a ghost hunting group in the Pacific Northwest. We also travel all over the US looking for haunted locations. So when they ask, “Who ya gonna call?” Now you know where to look :-)

Feel free to contact me if you’d like to trade links.


Here you can find links to some of the other Bewitched sites and other ones out there.