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                          The 3rd Darrin

2003 © The Bewitched Artist   ALL Images are copyrighted by the artist “Bewitched” TM of  Sony Pictures Entertainment

“The magic is in all of us, it just takes the power to believe in it.”    - Ross

Ross N. Allison

Artist, Ghost Hunter, Writer, & Photographer

 Who Is This Guy?

I'm Ross N. Allison, a 30yr ghost hunter in the state of WA. I’m the president & founder of AGHOST. I also travel all over the country investigating haunted locations and lecturing on ghosts. I teach ghost hunting 101 & 201 at Tacoma Community College.

Why Bewitched?

      It started with the twitch of her nose and a wave of Endora's hand, that I found myself trapped in the bewitched craze. You don't know how many times I've tried to clean my room with a wiggle of my nose, with no luck, but still trying to this day. Trapped in my world of dreams, I found myself wishing I could have had a chance to be on the show.

At the time, I was unknowing it had already been cancelled. In fact, my mother's way of punishing me, was to ground me from Bewitched. I would rather have had Endora turn me into a chimp, just so I could at least still watch the magic this show would produce, from it's crafty and talented minds. It wasn’t long after meeting Mark Simpson AKA "The Bewitched Collector" online that his tremendous obsession with Bewitched inspired me to get back into my artistic talents. I've made it my goal to produce a cartoon image of each of the charters who have made Bewitched what it has become in our classic television history.

I hope you (the fans of the show) enjoy my work. It's my way of adding to the inspirations from the show and a thank you to all who made Bewitched a part of our lives. It seems, even to this day, I'm still under that spell.