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2003 © The Bewitched Artist   ALL Images are copyrighted by the artist “Bewitched” TM of  Sony Pictures Entertainment

Download:  Arty Sam

Download:  Sexy Liz

Here you can Download some desktop wallpapers I've made myself for your computer.  These images can not be copied, modified or used in any way or for any purpose without prior written consent from myself. (which isn’t hard to get :-)

Directions for applying wallpapers:

All wallpapers come in the 1024x768 size

· Adding different wallpapers to you computer allows you to change the background image of your desktop.
To setup new wallpaper follow these steps:
Click on the link just below the image.

· In the new window displaying the image, click ‘right mouse button’.

· Select the option ‘Save Picture As’ and save it to your hard drive.

· Click 'Right mouse button' somewhere on desktop.

· Choose the 'Set as Background' tab.

· Click on 'Browse'

· Find and highlight the image you want to use and click 'Apply'

These free wallpapers are for personal use on computer screens only. They may not be redistributed, offered for sale, included on CDs, or used for printed material.

PLEASE NOTE: I cannot take any responsibility for changes you make to your computer. Installing files and making changes is at your own risk.